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May 06, 2006

Got Overflow?

Besides Virtual Assistance, I also offer real estate consultancy services. One of my approaches towards my customers is to seek out valuable things I can learn from my relationship with them. This article is about a valuable lesson I recently learned.

Whilst assisting one of my customers, we got to talking about her needs in terms of storage space. Naturally, she insisted on having a lot of storage space in her new Condo. An absolute “necessity” was a “walk-in closet” to have ample space to store her clothes, shoes, etc. I must admit that a “walk-in closet” used to be one of the many things I had in mind for my “dream home”, thus I initially fully agreed with her on this aspect…until God changed that.

I found myself pondering on this, and suddenly realized that having a “walk-in closet” is not a necessity, but a luxury. They say that there is a fine line between love and hate, I honestly think that’s also the case when it comes to necessities and luxuries. How many times have we categorized something as an absolute necessity when it actually was a luxury? How much money have we actually spent on “necessities”, which actually were “luxuries”? How much more true quality could we add to our lives by proper categorizing necessities and luxuries? Don’t take me wrong, I’m definitely not against luxuries. It’s just that I realized that I could be a better person, and community member by proper assessing and determining overflow in my life.

A walk-in closet is definitely not on my list of necessities anymore. Instead, I’ve decided to have a limited amount of clothes, and shoes. How many clothes and shoes do we really need? How many clothes and shoes are an absolute necessity? As for me, I’m going to establish what is an absolute necessity for me in that as well as other areas in my life, and apply the overflow towards better goals. Just the thought of it has already enhanced my quality of life! Think about it: this summer you can actually screen and clear your home from unnecessary items, have a garage sale, split the earnings 50-50, donate 50% to a worthy cause (like for instance to an orphanage), and apply the other 50% to something that will truly contribute to enhancing the quality of your life (ie: maybe to advertise your home-based business or purchase a much needed piece of equipment, or a pampering day at a massage parlor or spa, or towards your savings to give your parent(s) a wonderful appreciation gift -- the possibilities are endless…).

I honestly believe that we’re all blessed to be a blessing – it’s just that sometimes we fail to realize how blessed we really are. How blessed are you? Got overflow that you can give away? Hopefully the following Scripture will encourage you to do so in every thinkable way:

"Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over…." (Luke 6:38)

By Sophia van Dinter


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