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April 19, 2006

Perfect Vision

Last January was the end of a 5 month retreat period that I enjoyed immensely. I didn’t work during those 5 months, and I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to be totally off from work and related stress.

I refer to those 5 months as the season that I was in “intensive care”, because of the quality time I spent in the presence of God. At the beginning I didn’t have a clear idea what I was going to do with my time, until God told me to think of Him and His Kingdom. I obeyed His instructions, and He was faithful to do what He promised. You see, He said that He had a lot to tell me if I focused on thinking on Him and His Kingdom. That marked the beginning of a wonderful and memorable season…

The journey was an interesting one for to my surprise God had a lot to tell me about “me”. He gently and lovingly walked me through a process that resulted into His healing me from emotional issues that were hidden deep within me – there were even issues from my youth that I had completely forgotten…yet, healing was needed. The good news is that I was willing to allow Him to lead me through the process. In hind sight I realize that my willingness lead me to personally experience His tenderness.

Today I experience life in a total different light. I guess the best way to express it would be that I feel content and fulfilled….

When I went back to work, I feared missing out on such wonderful quality time with God. The first couple of weeks were tough…I got caught in the busy-ness…, but He didn’t forsake me. He inspired me to keep Him involved in everything I do. I’m now developing a new habit: to regularly think about Him and my desire to pursue His Heart. I honestly think that it helps me to stay on track in many ways, if not all eventually…as He helps me to perfect this new habit. I know it helps to avoid succumbing to temptation. It even helps me to follow His lead better.

We all have goals in life. A goal can also be referred to as a “vision”. What is your vision for your life? If posed that question, my answer would be: to habitually think of God and pursue His Heart. Since He has a good plan for my life, I’m sure to see every aspect of His plan manifested in my life by staying focused on Him.

I know by experience that His Word is true, and that He’s true to His Word. I’m not concerned about any single area of my life, because He said: “Beloved I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers”(3 John 1:2) – that certainly applies to EVERY single area of my life: financially, physically, socially, and spiritually.
It's my honest conclusion that this is Perfect Vision that will lead to Perfect Success -- what do you think?


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