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April 14, 2006

All things work for the good....

One of my favorite Scriptures is Romans 8:28: “…all things work together for the good to and for those who love God…”. Can you imagine the degree of comfort and encouragement that Scripture produced within me when I suddenly understood the truth it contains? If not, you’ll be able to better relate once I tell you what I was experiencing at that time:

We all have moments when we find ourselves reflecting on our lives. It was one of those moments for me, and I found myself thinking about mistakes I'd made. At that time I’d just relocated to the Caribbean from the Netherlands. I spent about 4 years in the Netherlands and enjoyed the time I lived there – all was well: I had landed a good job with a huge and prestigious (inter)national entity; I lived in a beautiful and spacious apartment in Amsterdam, which I count as a special blessing since decent housing is generally hard to come by in the Netherlands; I enjoyed my relationships with (new) friends and relatives; I enjoyed traveling around Holland and discovering the newness around me, etc.

I was back in the Caribbean about 3 months when I recognized that my migration to the Netherlands probably wasn’t God’s perfect will nor timing for my life when I moved there. I was quite upset and bothered by this for many reasons, and kept thinking: “I actually wasted 4 years…,how could I’ve commited such a blunder…!!!”.

Do you struggle with mistakes you’ve made? Are you going through a difficult period due to sickness, financial difficulties, a family issue, problems on the job, or the dilemma of a loved one? It could even be something I haven’t mentioned, but I hope and pray that you will also find comfort and encouragement in the Scripture I shared for it specifically states that all things (including mistakes, pain, problems, sorrow, things you don’t understand, etc) work for the good to and for those who love God….

Perhaps it’s a good time for you to stop focusing on the bad and ugly factors that may be burdening you. Perhaps it's time to refocus on your love for God and His love for you. Perhaps it's time for you to give God a chance to proof He's true and well able to take care of you, and all things about you.

Believe me, I've committed quite a few blunders over the years, I have my list of "what ifs..", I've had my share of pain and sorrow, I've experienced moments of despair, but thank God I'm a living sermon of His love, mercy, and faithfulness.



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