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April 26, 2006

Be Ready at a Moment's Notice...

At the beginning of this year the Lord told me to “be ready at a moment’s notice”. Over the past months I discovered that HIS instructions tend to be “all encompassing” – in other words, they tend to be applicable in every area of my life.

Not too long after HE gave me that instruction, I end-up flying out to Curacao (a Caribbean island within the Netherlands Antilles) to attend an event to which I was invited. The point I’m trying to bring across is that I didn’t plan to attend the event – I suddenly got the invitation, and had to make a decision “at a moment’s notice”.

A number of things happened since HE gave me that instruction, but I’m particularly fascinated by the latest one (at the time I wrote this article): On April 25th 2006, I was involved in a car accident. I’m extremely thankful to the Lord for I didn’t suffer any physical injury, and the material damage was minimal. I’m able to recount more blessings from that accident, but I’d rather share what I’ve been pondering on.

In the aftermath, I found myself pondering on HIS instruction to “be ready at a moment’s notice”, and realized that it contained more depth than what I initially understood. The accident reminded me of the fragility of life: one can actually die in less then a second. The question is: are we ready? Are we actually “ready at a moment’s notice?”.

Only God knows all things – including the exact date and time of Jesus’ return. Are we ready if HE returns during our lifetime? Are we ready in the event of (sudden) death? Are we keeping our lamps well oiled? How are we using our time here on earth? Are we being faithful and good stewards of everything God has graciously given us?

Remember, all things are possible by HIS grace, and HE’s faithful to answer our prayers. My prayer is that HE grant me the grace to be all that HE calls me to be in every single area of my life. What’s yours?


At February 24, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good thoughts. I remember the LORD jolted me out of my sleep several years ago saying, "be ready". I knew that He wasn't speaking of His second coming but what was coming upon the earth. As humans we tend to think that we'll live and die in our old age, but no one ever thinks that we could die before that by a tragic accident or anything that life throws at us. I have watched my brothers and sisters in Christ die an early death and only God knows why, but I am left here to live on thinking that they were so far better than I, they could have offered so much to the Church. But only God knows why we who are on this side of eternity should live on. Blessings in Jesus.


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